Daniel Fast

The Daniel Fast: Before the Fast

Again, from The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast by Kirsten Feloa

A week before the fast, prepare spiritually and physically. Do the best you can from the following list:

Spiritual Preparation

1. Identify your primary motivation for fasting – Why are you doing the fast? Make a list of those needs and trust that he will answer as you seek him.

2. Decide on a Bible reading plan – there is a daily devotion in the book or you can do your own.

3. Read Isaiah 58 and other verses on fasting – this will help align your heart and mind with what God desires for a fast.

4. Ask a friend to be your prayer partner – this person will pray with AND for you during your fast. It would be great if your prayer partner was also doing the Daniel Fast, but it’s not required.

5. Buy a journal or use a notebook – write down all the things that happen during your fast; prayer requests; praises; and answers to prayer.

Physical Preparation

1. Ease into the fast – the week before start cutting back on meat, dairy products, caffeine, and sugar. This will allow your body adjust slowly. Also, increase your water consumption, as well as your fruit and vegetable intake.

2. Plan your meals for the first week – proper planning is key. It will save time and avoid frustration. There are suggested meal plans in the book.

3. Make a grocery list for the first week – after reviewing the recipes make a list of what you will need.

4. Prepare food ahead of time – what can be prepared ahead of time?

5. Cook and freeze meals – make 3 – 4 of the recipes for week 1 the weekend prior to the fast. You can store half of what you make for another day.


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